Some reasons why car accidents happen
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Some reasons why car accidents happen

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Driver Safety

Auto accidents occur for a wide variety of reasons in South Dakota. Identifying some of the most common causes of car accidents can help drivers avoid them and stay safer on the road.


Distracted driving is an issue in every state. Not only are vehicles now loaded with technological equipment such as touchscreens, video and audio devices, but many drivers also exhibit the same behavior as before these advancements such as eating while in transit. In addition, general failure to watch the road when there are sights to see, also known as rubbernecking, can be a contributor to causing motor vehicle accidents.

Reckless driving

Wide-open spaces and straight highways tend to encourage many drivers to exceed speed limits whenever possible. This activity is becoming even more prevalent in a society where many drivers are in a rush, such as truck drivers attempting to meet delivery deadlines. The number of drivers involved in accidents while driving erratically is increasing, and the problem becomes even worse when it is coupled with intoxicated motorists.

Fatigue and drowsiness

Fatigue and drowsiness also contribute heavily to auto accidents in South Dakota and other states. Fatigue is typically an issue in large truck accidents, but being tired or drowsy in the morning when commuting to work can contribute to driver inattention as well. Many accidents occur during the rush hour period as well as late at night.

Of course, accidents also happen when there are hazards on the roadway or when traffic is particularly congested. It’s important to pay attention to traffic conditions and adjust where necessary. Defensive driving practices are always important when behind the wheel of an automobile in South Dakota.